About Us

Why We Are Here.

Sadie is here to bridge the gap between your business and the people you’re trying to reach, and we’re dedicated to doing that in the most effective, empathetic manner possible. It’s that simple.

So, where do we want to go? What’s the vision? Essentially, we want to humanize the world of marketing. We consider basic human empathy to be our most powerful marketing tool, both internally and externally. By understanding and listening to our clients and their customers, we bring brands and people together, while providing significant value to both.

Sadie - Where digital gets heart.

Our Story

Using your marketing tactics to speak directly to your customer has always been possible, but it can also be incredibly tedious and challenging. For this reason, most marketers still opt to sell to ‘Women aged 25-54,’ rather than spending time pondering which key values their brand might share with Michelle, a Mother of 3, who plays hockey on Sundays, prefers a pilsner over a red wine, and secretly loves to scrapbook. This imaginative, personal detail is where digital marketing really shines; It provides us marketers with the insights, the targeting capabilities and the permission to speak directly and authentically to people who are interested in what we have to say. This is the people-first philosophy that became the foundation for Sadie.

Sadie is hyper-focused on understanding your business and the goals that drive you as a business owner. We are also equally invested in comprehending the mindset, needs and desires of your existing and prospective customers. By honouring these guiding principles, we aim to provide meaningful value to your business and your audience, resulting in strong, long-lasting connections between you and your customers.

Connection Through Understanding.

To really connect another person, we need to be open to learning what that person cares about and understanding why they care about it. It’s the act of putting ourselves in another’s shoes (a.k.a. practicing basic empathy) that truly builds connections and relationships. At Sadie this is the precise philosophy that guides our work with businesses and the people that fuel them.

At Sadie, we use connection through understanding as our guiding principle. We want to provide value in our clients’ lives, and to do that, it’s imperative that we share the same perception of ‘value.’ So, whether we’re selling the confidence-boosting power of your store’s new swimsuit line or the self-improvement value in a new online course you’ve launched, we promise you: we believe in it just as much as you do—if not more.

We are nothing without these people.

External Partner

Kerri Martens

2D Animator
/ Pop Culture Enthusiast

More about Kerri...

Kerri designs scroll stopping animations with your brand and audience top of mind. She completed a video major at Red River’s Digital Media Design program. From starting as a videographer, she quickly fell in love with motion graphics. Kerri is also skilled in filming, video editing and graphic design.

External Partner

Rebecca Dahl

Content Creator
/ Full-time Tourist

More about Rebecca...

Rebecca is a communications professional and cat lover from the Canadian prairies. Currently based in the Netherlands, Rebecca specializes in international relations and regularly combines empathy with strategy in support of global development initiatives.

External Partner

Cam Deamel

Writer / Guacamole's Target Audience

More about Cam...

If you had to put Cam in a box, Multimedia Content Creator is probably the most fitting label you could slap on it. Cam has his hands in every facet of creative media; from graphic design, to writing, to music, to videography. That's how he likes it.

... And, we strive to support them.

Justin Bastedo

Founder / Team's Big Brother

Taq Yoneda

Partner / Aspiring Philosopher